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Wreckathalon review June 2, 2009

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Just a normal saturday for Charlotte and Tommy

Just a normal saturday for Charlotte and Tommy

As many of you know, I participated in a bar crawl this weekend. While it was actually to raise money for charity, I’d say that the primary benefit for me is it was a hell of a lot of fun. What a kick in the pants. If y’all haven’t done so recently, might I suggest the following:

  • Gather a group of people – many of whom know each other and the rest who are loosely connected to the group
  • Invite them to spend the afternoon with you
  • Insist they wear “comfortable, creative costumes”
  • Hype it up for weeks in advance so even the most uninformed attendees get very excited
  • Heckle people about what costume they’ll wear so they feel pressured to come up with a good one
  • Suggest everyone hydrate that morning – lots
  • Begin the festivities mid-afternoon with a mandatory beer chugging contest (this is especially classy for the ladylike teammembers.)
  • Have everyone draw straws for team assignments – the goal is everyone knows a couple of people on each team – but not everyone
  • Set a four-hour time limit for each team to hit as many bars as possible.
  • At each bar, to get a point the team must complete a dare (i.e. create a human sculpture of mrs. o’leary, her cow and the chicago fire) AND consume a drink order (i.e. a fishbowl of “beach juice”)
  • Require everyone to eat something somewhere
  • Act like a total idiot throughout the day
  • Extra points given for kicklines, impromptu serenades to a bar, doing the Truffle Shuffle and having your picture taken with any mustachioed gent (or lass?) you see walking down the street
  • take lots of pictures – especially if a certain team member begins doing the tongue tango with a disturbed beggar-girl at a dive bar (anonymity is essential in this case)
My Wreckathalon Team - a great group of winners.

My Wreckathalon Team - a great group of winners.

So, you get the idea. Create an opportunity for you and your friends to get together, make new friends, act silly, have fun and enjoy the spring sunshine.

More photos of the Wreckathalon are forthcoming. Admit it – you can’t wait to see additional damage of the day!