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Getting Back on Track July 13, 2009

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As readers of my previous post know, my friends and I suffered a great loss recently with Laurel’s passing. It’s been a tough week and a half, and I spent some time wrapping my head and heart around this news. As a result, I put my writing on Juicy Olive on hold, as well as a lot of other things.

But today, I’m feeling like myself again. I got a great night’s sleep last night, perhaps supported by watching one of the most ridiculously boring movies ever moments before my head hit the pillow. (for anyone interested in an entertaining summer rental, I highly suggest you do NOT pick up “Knowing.” I won’t ruin it for you, but just trust me that this can go in the ever-growing pile of Nicolas Cage’s flops.) After a good night’s sleep,  I packed my lunch ths morning, and I actually remembered to bring it to work today! Tonight, I’ve got a five-mile run scheduled followed by a healthy dinner prepared by moi.

I’m hopeful that this energy and focus are signs that I’m leaving the fog and getting back into the real world again. It’s amazing how much stress can impact all that we do and how we see the world; giving myself time to feel that stress, deal with it and begin to pick up some of the pieces has been very helpful to me.

In determining what would help me get back on track, I thought a lot yesterday about what else brings me comfort. And I realized that writing in the Juicy Olive – to all of you anonymous readers – is quite therapeutic. So, thank you, all of you, for being the receptacle to read and (hopefully) understand these thoughts and ideas and theories and philosophies. The catharsis of opening myself to the world via Juicy Olive has been quite rewarding.

Here’s to keeping the quest for the good life alive and well.



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