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Setting the Bar High May 12, 2009

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Here’s a conversation I recently overheard between a couple-friend of mine:

Lindsay: “Ooh – that cupcake looks awesome. Should we split it, honey?”
Ryan: “nope.”

I took such delight in that exchange, because it typifies what I admire about couples: sharing and honesty. Lindsay and Ryan are a generous, devoted and happy twosome. Yet both of them have retained their individual personalities and priorities. Granted, it’s a simple discussion about a simple dessert, but the balance of care and candor is what most people strive for in a relationship.

But about that dessert: did I mention that Jonathan baked those cupcakes (and a sheet cake too!) for Bridget for her birthday!? I mean, seriously, he baked them! By himself! For his wife! Because he loves her! Adorable. (EXCLAMATION POINT!)

I’m thrilled to know that I have such great friends whose romances with their mates set really high and happy standards for we single gals. Whether it’s witnessing a humorous negotiation about a cupcake, observing a devoted and mature parenting style or seeing how they resolve conflict carefully, I take comfort in how healthy my friends’ relationships are. I also take comfort in knowing that some day, someone will potentially bake me a cake. Heck, a cake isn’t even necessary – feed me chocolate, fan me with palms and provide me with an endless fountain of champagne and I’ll be fine…simple needs, really.

The lesson here is simple: never settle. That harmonious partnership is out there. And when we find that person, we’ll be giving and getting what we want.

And for Ryan, that meant the whole cupcake – way to stand up for your needs, buddy.


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