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Calling all Comedians May 7, 2009

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A few years ago, I was dining with friends at one of my favorite Chicago restaurants – Avec. Avec is a food-lover’s mecca, featuring rustic, Mediterranean-inspired small plates and a gorgeous and reasonably-priced wine list. There we were, sipping sparkling rose and dunking our bread in the last, flavorful drops of sauce from the chorizo-stuffed dates. I look over to my left, and who do I see but Will Ferrell! There was Anchorman himself, having a lovely dinner with his wife, sipping what looked to be a nice bottle of Burgundy, and I was oggling him.

Would you have dinner with this guy? I would...

Would you have dinner with this guy? I would...

It’s not that I necessarily think Will Ferrell is handsome. I mean, sure, he’s had his suave days. But for the most part, he’s a bit goofy looking. I mean, this is the guy who wore an American flag Speedo on Saturday Night Live. He’s the man who sported green tights in Elf. He’s the man who ran naked through the streets (“we’re streaking, honey!”) in Old School.

And yet, I love him. That night at Avec, I watched him (without looking like a total stalker) in fascination. And – to be honest – I kept waiting for him to make me laugh.

And that’s the real reason behind my love affair with Will – his sense of humor and ability to be funny.

I adore funny people.

I know that sounds like an obvious statement, “doesn’t everyone like funny people?”, you’re probably asking yourself. And – yes – I suppose that’s true. However, I’m obsessed with funny. I enjoy people who can make fun of themselves. I take great pleasure in being with very smart people who don’t take themselves or the world so seriously. I love being goofy, letting loose and dorking out.

I am so lucky to have a group of friends – both here in Chicago and across the country – who indulge me in my love of laughter. And I’d like to think that I return the favor. We had a ball when learning an entire cheerleading routine one evening and then performing it for ourselves. We giggle like schoolkids whenever someone mentions “poop” or “fart.” And we have given new meaning to “LOL” – I literally burst out laughing regularly when I’m instant messaging with Tommy, Carrie, Stephanie and others.

In the various dates I’ve had as an adult, one thing has become very clear to me. I like funny people. I find them attractive. Humor makes romance more exciting. Laughter makes days more interesting. And a sense of humor – even if not to the caliber of Frank the Tank’s – is priceless. In my book levity trumps looks.

So, the next time you’re out on a date with that special someone, don’t be afraid to be a dork. Embrace your silliness. Unleash the funny.

Comedy is cool.