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Claudia on Manners April 23, 2009

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When we last met Claudia (our anonymous single gal making her way in the dating world), she was walking around in amazed stupor from her date with the guy who told her about “his first time” on their first date. Needless to say, she’s decided to leave that guy in the dusty trail she created while sprinting away from that evening.

Over the years, Claudia has had some zinger dates, and one of them was with Jeremy. They met via an online dating sight and after several email exchanges, agreed to meet at a local pub for a drink. Up until this point, Jeremy seemed very promising – up…until…that…point. In short, it wasn’t a good date and Jeremy was NOT a match, despite what the website would lead them to believe. The evening was a reminder to Claudia of how important basic manners were and why she was so grateful to have these core values:

  • Be on time: Even though Jeremy suggested meeting at 6:30, he showed up at 7:15
  • Be courteous: Jeremy called Claudia to let her know he’d be late…20 minutes late
  • Don’t chomp gum: Jeremy mouthed on a huge wad of spearmint gum the entire time 
  • Ask questions as part of conversation: Jeremy tried his hardest to make the whole discussion about himself
  • Don’t be rude: Jeremy made a whole host of racist and homophobic comments – not wise in an era of increasing diversity
  • Leave the money talk at home: not only did Jeremy provide Claudia with the exact details of his W-4, he also asked Claudia about her own income and said he was weirded out by women that made a lot of money

The list of lessons we could learn the hard way from Jeremy goes on. When Claudia shared this story with me, we were dumbfounded: it’s reasonable to assume that a knuckleheaded bigot like Jeremy hasn’t won any hearts recently, but where are the good matches?

One thing is for certain: Claudia has the right idea, and I’m proud of her for sticking with it. She knows who she is, what her values are and what she wants to achieve. She surrounds herself with people who share those values, and eventually she’ll find a winner.

Until then, we can be entertained by her neverending tales of modern courting…up next, Claudia’s date has a rap sheet!


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