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A Love Letter April 8, 2009

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Dear Avocado,

I think I’m in love with you. Your soft yet firm way has me all aflutter. It’s probably those healthy monounsaturated fats that take me over the edge.

When I met you for our lunch date today, I could hardly stand it. It was wonderful to see you making nice-nice with our friends goat cheese, tomato and olive bread. And the way you let that miso dressing take center stage for a little while…well, it was love at first bite.

A, I want you to know how much I appreciate you. When I see that brown paper bag on my counter, knowing you are ripening in there for me brings me so much joy. I only hope I can return the favor by singing your praises to the world.

I’m yours if you’ll have me, persea americana.


The new love of my life?

The new love of my life?


One Response to “A Love Letter”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I consider myself to be an open minded girl, but when it comes to inter-Plantae relationships, I have to pause. Could a juicy olive ever truly find happiness with a ripe avocado?

    Sure it feels right. And ideally you would never argue over who gets the remote or walking Stella, but when it comes down to taste the proverbial rinds will inevitably come off.

    What if one day you wake up and he’s telling you he saw the way you looked at the Roquefort. You try to explain, it was only business; you swear you just work well together. Then he tells you he feels more comfortable with the Mesquite Turkey these days, and you wonder if you even know him anymore.

    No doubt you will always remember this Spring day when you declared your love, and each time you squeeze a new avocado you will wonder what might have been. But ask yourself, can this lunch time fling blossom into a new breed of Eudocots-Magnoliids?

    I guess all a girl can do is follow her pit.

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