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Heart is happy April 7, 2009

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During my weekend getaway to California recently, my friends and I spent several days capturing that raw and gorgeous feeling only available in wine country. I awoke every morning watching the sun rise over a glorious vineyard landscape and shortly thereafter would lace up my sneakers, tune up the iPod and head out to pound the pavement in the small trails between fields of pinot grigio, cabernet franc and chardonnay.

This scenery makes running 3 miles far more enjoyable!

This scenery makes running 3 miles far more enjoyable!

Jonathan (aka – Wine Hawk, aka – Bridget’s incredible husband, aka – my pretend husband) had scheduled an incredible lineup of tastings for us: Kuleto, Mill Creek, Dry Creek, Woodenhead…the list goes on. Sitting in a sun-drenched field each afternoon, we’d picnic and plan for more great wine discussions with such talented farmers. Our evenings opened up to excellent food, delicious conversation and the sharing of a bottle or two of the day’s purchases.

The happy couple - Bridget and Jonathan's 2nd anniversary!

I, Wine Hawk, take you, Bridget...

The trip had a specific purpose – to celebrate Bridget and Jonathan’s second wedding anniversary. In addition to our gorgeous surroundings, succulent wines and incredible food, we were commemorating two fun-filled years that they’ve had as a happy couple. We even revisited the site of their nuptials and had a fake (and silly!) ceremony to send them into similar fortune in the years to come!

I barely knew Bridget and Jonathan when they wed back in 2007 and, as such, didn’t attend their wedding. Over a drink at the Harvest Inn (the site of their reception), we reminisced about the past couple of years and agreed that it feels like we’ve all known each other for ages. It was a lovely oportunity to give thanks for their strong marriage and our evergrowing friendship.  

It was a fun and special trip. They’ve even decided to make it an annual event, and we hope that more of our friends can make it next year to celebrate and take part in all of the beautiful fun. If they know what’s wise, they’ll be  counting down the days until the Napa Valley sun hits their faces and the Sonoma wines tickle their tastebuds.

Since returning, I have thought a lot about my California weekend. During such stressful times with the economy, jobs and houses taking up valuable real estate in our thoughts, it’s important to remind ourselves of the simple things – family, friends and good old-fashioned romance – that make it all worthwhile.

Heart is Happy - enough said.

Heart is Happy - enough said.


One Response to “Heart is happy”

  1. Ann Says:

    I truly “heart” your blog! Funny, refreshing, and so true!!

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