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The Best Five Minutes March 16, 2009

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My thoughts exactly...

My thoughts exactly...

There is something exhilarating about fresh air and the promise of springtime. I always feel more capable, more energetic and more positive when the chill begins to subside and the sun begins to truly cast warmth on my face. And it seems like everyone agrees – take a look at Chicagoans’ status updates on Facebook today, and you’ll see that everyone is thrilled about the weather.

That’s why I was surprised with my co-workers’ reactions when moments ago I asked them  if anyone wanted to step outside with me for a five minute break. I just wanted to breathe some fresh air, soak in that Vitamin-D enhancing sunshine and receive Mother Nature’s promise that winter is almost finished. Not only did they decline, they all looked at me as if I had two heads. “Leave the desk and my flat-screen monitor? Are you nuts!?” one person’s glare told me.

Their loss. During those five minutes, I stepped outside, strolled around the block, called my mom for a quick hello and zipped into a cafe for a mint tea and lemon knot cookie.  Then I returned to my office in the Loop.

While I hadn’t missed a single voicemail or email, I gained a few moments of quiet (albeit “cityfied”) and some much-needed fresh air. Aaahhh.


One Response to “The Best Five Minutes”

  1. carolina Says:

    I love this. When i quit smoking, i realized that half of what I loved about it was an excuse to step outside and sit still for 5 minutes and deliberately inhale/exhale – albeit toxic air. It shouldn’t take carcinogens to give permission to chill, right? That’s part of my routine now. 5-minute breathers here and there make me a better worker and more pleasant person anyway. Kudos, kiddo

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